Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I Love sales, and Birthday Invites

I am all gung ho with my new blog so you get two posts (if not more if I decided to do more posts) today. I got a text message yesterday from a friend telling me that Roberts had Carts for the cricut on sale for 25 dollars. This just made my day! After getting off work yesterday I headed straight there... I have been trying to decide wether or not I wanted to buy the Tags,Bags,Boxes and more for months but always decided on other carts when I went to purchase it. Well come to find out this was one of the carts that was on sale! I also was able to purchase the Christmas Cheer Cart this was perfect timing where we are in the middle of the christmas season and I am just starting to make my christmas cards.

On another note I wanted to show a project I worked on the other day. My coworkers little girl turns 4 on friday and so I was asked if I could make invites to her party. I have grown to love this litte girl as if she was one of my nieces (although I don't have any yet) and never grow tired of her hugs and "cuddles" and so I couldn't refuse. I made these cards from the DoodleCharms Cart. I Cut the cupcakes out on pink card stock at 3 1/2 and then cut the top layers out of the patterned cardstock. I then cut the bottom portion off of the pink cupcakes and pulled out my crimper and crimped the bottoms so that they looked like actual cup cake cups. I then glued the patterned paper "icing" part to the top of the pink cup cake that i had cut off so that I would have a pink candle. I then used Foam tap to make it pop off the card and finished with the patterned flame. I was happy how they turned out how ever I wish that i had more time so that I could used a letter cart to write "PARTY" or something under the cup cake


Enfys said...

Oh your little cake cards are lovely. What a lucky little girl to have an honorary auntie like you!

michelle said...

These cards are so cute ! great job on your blog it looks wonderful !

Rima said...

you did a great job!! & welcome to the world of blogging :)